The Latest On Our Coronavirus Efforts

Dear BYN Family,

Classes are running as usual for the time being, however as a space for health and wellbeing let’s continue to look after one another.
We are monitoring the evolving status of the Covid-19 situation as it develops. In this situation it is very hard to assess what the real risks are and what balance we must strike between social distancing and the activities that keep us healthy and happy. Ultimately, this will have to be a choice you must come to yourselves but regardless we should remain calm and follow the best possible hygiene practices we can. We place your safety first and foremost and have put into place following measures and policies.

Steps we have taken to keep you safe:
1. We have a scheduled disinfectant cleaning of all surfaces before class, again during class and once again after class. This includes the floors, all counters, taps and fixtures, door knobs etc.
2. We have installed hand sanitisers at the entrance to the hot room, each changing room and the front desk.
3. We conducted a staff hygiene refresher training and our staff will sanitise their hands regularly and do a thorough hand washing every hour.
4. The hot room will continue to be thoroughly disinfected between each class.
5. Juice bar produce is thoroughly disinfected with a Bio Veggie wash and rinsed before being juiced. The juice bar attendants will continue to adhere to the highest level of food safety standards.
6. We are taking measures to ensure all staff working are in good health (no fever cough or any flu-like symptoms) as well as ensuring they have private transport to and from their homes to limit any exposure.

Steps we ask you to take to keep us all safe:
1. We ask that if you or anyone you live with have any flu like symptoms that you stay away from the studio and not be offended if we ask you to submit to a touch less thermometer reading to ensure you have no signs of fever.
2. We ask that you sanitise your hands on arrival at the studio when signing in at the front desk.
3. We ask that you bring your own mat, mat towel and shower towel (even if you are on a VIP membership) as we will no longer be renting or providing mats or towels.
This is to maintain safety for both yourselves and our staff.
4. We ask that you sanitise your hands before entering the hot room and use a paper towel to open the door.
5. We ask you that you cough into paper towels/tissues provided or in the worst case your elbow/shoulder and place all tissues first underneath your mat and finally in the bins provided before leaving the hot room.
6. We ask that you bring or purchase from reception a bag to place your used mat and towel and place your mat and towel into that bag before exiting the hot room. We will not allow any wet un-bagged mats and towels in the studio space or changing rooms.

➡️ Correction classes have also been postponed until further notice.