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30 day Bikram Yoga and Super Juice it Challenge

This year, we are tweaking our 30 Day challenge to include a Diet Plan that will help you lose weight, make you look and feel better and support you to get the most out of your practice.

Are you ready to be transformed?

Next Challenge in February 2019

October is around the corner, which means so is our 30 Day Challenge! Whether it’s your first or fifth one, preparation and determination are key values for a successful 30 day challenge.

Through yoga, millions of people have found healing for physical, physiological and psychological disorders. By using the body as a medium, we let the mind rest and come closer to knowing ourselves. A consistent yoga practice allows us to align our inner and outer bodies so that we can achieve optimum health.

In the practice, we repeat each posture and complete the same 26 posture series. By doing the practice daily (as in the 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge) you will gain flexibility, strength and medical benefits of the postures sooner than practicing a few times a week. As you progress with consistent practice, you are  better able to listen to your body and be more precise with your movements.

Why do it?

Experience for yourself the amazing physical, mental and physiological benefits of a daily practice. Enjoy a wide range of benefits including stress reduction, weight loss, increased energy, recovery from injuries, better digestion and an improved overall sense of wellbeing! We hear it from students every time– do this, and you will transform yourself!

By combining the Yoga with the Super Juice it Challenge you will:

  • Go deeper into your practice than ever before

  • Lose weight

  • Completely detoxify your body

  • Feel completely rejuvenated

  • Look better than ever

  • Break addictive eating habits

  • Be in a great position to design and implement a lifestyle that will make you look and feel great at all times moving forward

    What does the Super Juice it challenge consist of?

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Replace one meal a day with one of our smoothies from the BYN Juice Bar after your class, supplement it with 2 additional free boosters of your choice , or follow your own inspiration and create your own smoothie!

Bikram Yoga gives a lot of love, but it also demands a lot from your body. With that in mind, fuelling and replenishing intelligently with our delicious  BYN Superfood smoothies can really help take your practice to the next level, give your digestive system a much needed break,and provide the essential nutrients, proteins, carbs and healthy fats your body needs.

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Replace one meal a day with a Superfood Juice from the BYN Juice bar and a protein snack after your class, alternatively follow your own inspiration and create your own juice!

“ You are what you eat”


Bikram Yoga And Your Diet

Yoga is to meditation as protein is to health; both of which will give you a bountiful life.

You’ve heard diet is 80% of your weight loss success. That’s 100% true. Without a diet that supports the changes you work hard for, you’ll always be two steps behind. Whenever you’re focusing on building strength, you need a diet composed of plenty of protein to build lean muscle, complex carbohydrates for energy, and essential fats for proper organ functioning.

Because of the amount of energy you exert during a 90-minute Bikram Yoga session, it’s important you are replenishing these vital nutrients so you can meet your health goals. Now is the time to get serious about your health, and a clean diet is the cornerstone to the changes you’re looking for.

Facts About Weight Loss

Weight loss is a minefield of fad diets and false or confusing information, so it’s best to just stick with the basics: Take in fewer calories than you burn each day, without starving yourself.

Aim for 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day for women and 1,500 to 2,000 for men, depending on your age, weight and activity level. Eat a plant-based diet that includes lean proteins, nuts, beans, and healthy fats such as olive oil and the essential fatty acids found in avocados and fish.

Avoid as much sugar as possible, and stay away from processed foods, especially cakes, cookies, crackers, chips and sodas. Choose whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa and whole oats instead of processed white flour. Substituting a protein smoothie for one meal per day will help ensure you are getting the necessary nutrition while keeping your calorie count down.

We do these things for ourselves, for a new lease on life. And we guarantee you will look and feel absolutely great!

How to survive a 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge?

  1. The first week is important to get right. Don’t push yourself too hard – there are still three more weeks of Yoga ahead of you, so you will need some energy and strength towards the end to get you through.

  2. Keep hydrated! Now that you are in the swing of things, your body will be needing a lot of fluids replaced daily. As you are working out drink plain water only – a lot before class, some during class, and a lot after class. The drinks you have after class should be made with electrolytes and vitamins as well, to help your body replace some of its nutrients after its big daily cleanse. As mentioned before – lemons are great for alkalizing the stomach, and fruits are great for electrolytes. Adding some table salt to your fruit drinks increases the electrolytes even more. You can buy our fresh electrolyte drink by the litre from the Juice Bar at a minimum cost of 100 kes.

  3. Fruit smoothies should become a daily treat, packed full of fatty nut butters, nutritious fruits and vegetables.

  4. Keep alcohol, stress and chemicals to a minimum. Anything you put into your body, has to come out. During a 30 Day Challenge, the body gets very good and efficient at processing its fuel, but because of the increased amount of performance required from the body, the fuel required is Premium. A well performing body cannot be fueled by empty calories without nutrition. So make a choice, how do you want your body to perform? If you want to make it easiest for yourself – go the natural, healthy and nutritious way!

How to prepare for a 30 Day Bikram Challenge?

  1. Try to free-up the month as much as possible. Tell your non-yogi friends that you will be a little busier than usual so the pressures and distractions of social life don’t make things harder for you.

  2. Keep hydrated. Drink as much water as you can in the days leading up to the challenge. Add some lemon juice and/or orange juice for an electrolyte and vitamin boost! Lemon is also alkaline making it a great acidity regulator in your stomach.

  3. Fit in a couple of classes a week before the challenge just to get into the swing of things, especially if you have not practiced in a while. Get your head into the zone of the coming challenge and ease yourself into it.

  4. Make sure you have enough Bikram Yoga clothing to last in case you run out of time to wash your clothes each day. A good tip for beating the sweaty odor is a tablespoon or two of vinegar in your next yoga clothing wash.

  5. Getting to class every day can become stressful if you don’t prepare. A good way to keep organized and motivated is to treat your classes as you would an evening outing or a trip to the movies. Make it an event. Pick a time for the event, and then work out the logistics. After a week of strict planning – the rest of the month will be much easier to manage. It’s easy if you are prepared!


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