A variety of superfood juices and smoothies to pair perfectly with your yoga practice

Order it fresh or have one waiting for you.

We have created a variety of Superfood juice and smoothie options to pair perfectly with your routine.

Feel free to order your fresh juice before your yoga class so it’s ready for you when you leave, or relax and enjoy it after your session is over. We ensure that everything is as fresh as it can be, as well as being packed full of flavour. We offer juices, smoothies and healthy snacks to give your body the proper nutrition it deserves.  

Our main focus at BYN Juice bar is to create a culture that will inspire and infuse new health, new energy, a new you from the inside out. We believe food is equal part art and medicine; as much about pleasure as healing and that creativity and sustenance can be one and the same.


Your hydration is important to us!

You lose a lot of sweat in Bikram Yoga class. You should re-hydrate by drinking lots of water and also replenishing the electrolytes in your body. These include minerals such as potassium, magnesium and sodium.                                            

Our Electrolyte drink is made from high quality natural ingredients which include: Water, Honey, Himalayan pink sea salt, fresh mint, Cucumbers,Oranges, Limes, Lemons

 Enjoy a complimentary glass at the juice bar only:

Due to the high costs of offering our Electrolyte drink, we are happy to offer it to you complimentary after your Bikram yoga class so long as you drink it at our Juice bar only.

BYB (Bring Your Own Bottle) for the hot room or to take it home:

If  you would like to take some into the class or home after your class, please bring your own bottle to be filled at the nominal charge. Tokens are available for purchase at the front desk.

BYB 500ML       50/=

 BYB 1LTR          100/=

**Electrolyte cups are not allowed in the hot room or changing rooms**