I joined Bikram yoga in 2016 after undergoing an invasive eye surgery. I did my research and realised yoga was ok, immediately signing up for the remainder of the year. I enjoyed the classes but would get very exhausted after the class  perhaps I did this against doctors’ orders. I persisted but had to take a break before the year was over.

Come 2019, I am turning 50 years in March right after the challenge. I thought to myself this is it! This is what I will have to do as I usher in my 50th birthday.

I signed up with great zeal and psych opting for the 5X4 challenge. This time my body was receptive. To be honest I simply got on with it and was not going to entertain any excuse not to pull through even with the nagging back and knee pains. 

As I turn fifty, I am more positive than ever, in good shape mentally and physically. I am also  very grateful sharing this great experience with the rest of the yogis. The great energy and positivity was completely overwhelming. I definitely would love to make this yoga practice part of my life and maybe one day I will manage to put my head on my knee before my next Birthday. Mind over matter right?

- Phyllis Macharia  


Celine Hankar