3O Day Yoga and Seasonal Cleanse Program

The Bikram Yoga Challenge is simply 30 classes completed in 30 days or 5 classes a week for 4 weeks. The challenge of a daily practice is a tool for you to re-set your mind, improve your body and transform your life. Through yoga, millions of people have found healing for physical, physiological and psychological disorders. By using the body as a medium, we let the mind rest and come closer to knowing ourselves. A consistent yoga practice allows us to align our inner and outer bodies so that we can achieve optimum health.

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30 Day Challenge : Complete 30 classes of yoga in 30 days, if you miss a class you can double up another day. Price: 14,000 KES or FREE with existing membership VIP: 23,000 KES (Includes mat and towel rentals)

5x4 Challenge: Complete 20 classes of yoga in 30 days ( 5 classes a week), if you miss a class you can double up another day. Price: 14,000 KES or FREE with existing membership VIP: 20,000 KES (Includes mat and towel rentals)

*You can use your current membership or put it on hold

Seasonal Cleanse Program

What does the Seasonal Cleanse Program consist of?

If your goal is transformation and you want to take your health and well being to the ultimate level, we have combined the yoga with this program to support you in your goals.

Embark on a 3 day juice cleanse before the start of the challenge ( from the 28th to the 30th of September) and replace a meal a day with a Green Smoothie after every class during the challenge (from the 1st to the 30th of October).

Step 1) Start with a 3 day Juice Cleanse

Step 2) Take a yoga class every day for 30 days or 5 times a week for 4 weeks

Step 3) Replace a meal a day with a Green Smoothie

By combining the Yoga with the Seasonal Cleanse Program you will:

  • Go deeper into your practice than ever before

  • Experience higher energy levels and clearer skin

  • Lose weight

  • Completely detoxify your body

  • Feel completely rejuvenated

  • Look better than ever

  • Break addictive eating habits

  • Be in a great position to design and implement a lifestyle that will make you look and feel great at all times moving forward

    If you want to take your physical and mental health to a new level of wellness and vitality, then THIS Challenge is for you!

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What are the benefits of a Juice Cleanse?

While we strive to be healthy, even the best of us fall off the wagon from time to time. There are so many delicious temptations and it is too easy to eat the unwholesome foods or to have one too many cocktails on a night out. To add to that, much of our food has unwanted chemicals, fertilisers, preservatives (and a list of other products that are harmful to our health). Not to mention that we are surrounded by medications, pain killers, air pollution, and a whole host of chemicals that come into contact with one of our largest organ systems, our skin.

These toxins build up in the body and can cause problems such as digestive disorders, bloating, fatigue and lack of energy, waking up feeling tired and foggy instead of refreshed and revitalised, suffering from headaches, being emotionally unstable and stressed. Long term build up of these toxins are thought to be the cause of many degenerative and chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

A regular cleanse gives the body a chance to detox and reset by flushing out this build up of toxins, in turn helping to boost the immune system. An organic juice cleanse floods the body with vital vitamins and minerals, aiding the detox process and providing an abundance of nourishment for the body.

By taking this Juice Cleanse, you will notice changes occurring, not only with the physical but also the mental. When you take your first class after the cleanse you will find that you are more flexible in the hot room and the class will be that much easier.

This kind of experience can be a challenge but it is very rewarding. It is a positive step in the right direction and will help you to make better choices in the future. You'll find new awareness into what you put into your body and how that makes you feel. It is the perfect way to reset your whole being. Inside and out. Coming out of our comfort zone is a great tool for healing and can create powerful change for the better. 


Bikram Yoga gives a lot of love, but it also demands a lot from your body. With that in mind, fuelling and replenishing intelligently with delicious Green Smoothies can really help take your practice to the next level, give your digestive system a much needed break,and provide the essential nutrients, proteins, carbs and healthy fats your body needs.


Greens provide a powerhouse of valuable nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin C, E & K, enzymes, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, phytonutrients and have a cleansing and alkalising effect on the body.  They are by far the most beneficial foods to include every day in your diet.

Eating greens in their raw state maximises the nutrient content, as enzymes and vitamins are lost with the heat of cooking. The easiest way of doing this and if you want to make long lasting changes in your diet is to drink green smoothies.

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The usual effects of a juice-cleanse are one or more of the following:

  • Deeper sleep

  • Mental clarity

  • More energy

  • Clear skin, strong nails and hair

  • Body shape will shift

  • Relieves bloating and discomfort

  • Weight loss, both water and toxic fat

  • Decrease in pain and reduced bodily inflammation

  • Increase in blood circulation

  • Fuels body with nutrients

  • Improved digestion

  • A shrunken stomach and therefore, reduced cravings

  • and more...

If you're ready to reboot the digestive system, jump-start a healthy diet, boost the body's nutrition, break cravings, and detox the body, then you're ready to juice cleanse!

The end result in the body will be a feeling of lightness with increased energy levels and in the mind, you can experience healing, cleansing of habitual emotional patterns, inner reflection and, ultimately, stillness within.

You may choose to take the Juice Cleanse on its own or combine it with the Green Smoothie meal replacements during the challenge.

What I should know

Every morning before you start your day of juice, start off with a warm glass of lemon water or decaffeinated green tea.

Breaking Your Fast

You have done SO well! First of all, congratulate yourself. Feel proud of yourself and revel in the satisfaction you feel from giving your body and soul this extra boost of vitality and life. The last thing you want to do is slip straight back into old habits. You now have a foundation toward healthier habits! Break the fast with something that is easy to digest. Papaya is a wonderful option as it is loaded with enzymes, setting you up for the day. Stick to fruits and vegetables for the first couple of days and then gently ease yourself into eating heavier foods.

What if I need to eat during the cleanse?

When on the cleanse it is better to stick to just the juices but if you are active or just really hungry, that is ok! The best foods to consume are raw veggies and fruits or half an avocado, a baked sweet potato or bone broth based soups.

How to prepare for your cleanse

It is important to prepare your mind and your body before you embark on your cleanse.

Starting your cleanse the day after a night of excess will inevitably give the body a bit of a shock! Easing in slowly is much more effective and will make your experience more enjoyable. The more you prepare, the easier it will feel during your detox process.

For three to five days before your cleanse try to stick to the following guidelines:

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar and nicotine.

  • Eat as light and raw as possible. High fibre vegetables, fruits and nuts should make up the majority of your food intake.

  • Avoid all processed foods, especially white flour, soy and wheat products.

  • Avoid red meat. At most, eat only lightly steamed fish.

  • One day before the cleanse, try to consume only raw fruit and vegetables.

  • Drink plenty of water. Adding fresh lemon juice will help with digestion and PH balance.

  • Quitting items like sugar, caffeine and wheat all at once may result in certain withdrawal reactions from the body such as headaches. Eliminating them slowly before you start your cleanse will reduce the chances of this happening during the actual cleanse, making it a more enjoyable experience.

During the period of the juice cleanse, you will receive 2 litres of freshly made raw organic vegetable juices and 1 litre of smoothie.


Free with your current BYN Membership or take advantage of one of our specials.

(Existing package will be placed on hold).

5x4 Yoga Challenge = 14,000 KES VIP = 20,000 KES

30 Day Yoga Challenge = 14,000 KES VIP =23,000 KES

3 Day Juice Cleanse ONLY = 10,000 KES (Pick up at the studio)

20 Day Seasonal Cleanse (3 day Juice Cleanse+20 Green Smoothies) = 20,000 KES

30 Day Seasonal Cleanse (3 day Juice Cleanse+30 Green Smoothies) = 26,000 KES

20 Day Green Smoothie ONLY = 12,000 KES

30 Day Green Smoothie ONLY= 18,000 KES