What is Prana?

Prana refers to life force or life energy. In Yoga, we do not look at foods in terms of vitamins, minerals or proteins. Food is categorized as – positive pranic food, negative pranic food, and zero pranic food. Positive substances are those which, when consumed, add prana to the system. The pranic energy, the vital energy in the body, will increase. If you consume negative pranic substances, they take away prana from the system. They will stimulate you on a nervous level but it will take away your vital energies. Zero pranic food neither adds nor takes away. It is only eaten for taste.

Why do we need to cleanse?

What you eat has the biggest impact on your overall health and how you look and feel. And the truth is that in this modern world the consumption of what we eat is not based solely on optimum nutrition but is influenced by social and cultural factors as well as individual tastes. Also, much of what we eat has strongly addictive qualities that influence and the quantity and frequency we consume them. And over time, without a break, many of these foods can contribute a buildup of toxins in the body leading to the inefficient functioning of our organs and even to illness and disease. It is said that overtaxing your digestive processes has the biggest impact on the aging process.

And so while yoga and exercise have can have great health benefits many of our nutrition choices this can counter much of these benefit and even prevent you from ultimately reaching your wellness goals. The other side of this coin is that you can detox and repair the body through cleansing and get significant and immediate results from changes to your diet.

Why combine a cleanse with challenge

Bikram yoga is extremely effective at removing toxins from the body. As you cleanse, toxins are released from fat cells and the yoga helps with elimination. This process leads to rapid weight loss and after some initial detox symptoms, to clear and vibrant skin and complexion. In addition as the body becomes cleaner it start giving you better feedback on what it needs making it easier to give up those addictive foods. Your mind will also get clearer, sharper and more focused, internal organs will functioned better, and will feet the improvements to your muscles and joints. All this allows you to go deeper into your practice which in turn leads to even deeper benefits. In a nutshell, by doing the yoga with the a cleanse the benefits of both these activities are enhanced and multiplied.

Cleanse rules and guidelines

Completely Avoid:

  1. Caffine: Coffee, Tea etc.
  2. All refined sugar products.
  3. All refined wheat products and simple carbohydrates.
  4. All processsed food.

Try to avoid:

  1. All negative pranic foods:  (Garlic, Onion, Eggplant, Chilli, Green and Red Pepper)
  2. Meat, and excessive dairy products (small quanitities of yogurt is fine)
  3. Zero pranic foods (Foods: Potatoes (and its family), Tomatoes

Try to consume:

  1. A predominance of salads and high pranic raw meals.
  2. Fresh vegetable juices.
  3. Smoothies (made of raw high pranic ingredients, and superfoods avoiding sugars and processed ingredients).
  4. Small portions of cooked high pranic meals in the evening.
  5. Positive Pranic Foods: Most fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts, and spices. Foods with the highest pranic index are: Ash Gourd, Honey, Coconut, Sprouted grams, Ground nut and nuts, Dried Fruits, Greens, Spices such as cinnamon, basil, coriander, ginger and turmeric.

Bikram Yoga Cleanse Meals

In support of the cleanse bikram yoga will be offering the following daily

  1. A high pranic breakfast drinks and fruit selection.
  2. A selection of high pranicAyurvideci inspired smoothies.
  3. A daily high pranic raw food lunch meal.
  4. A daily high pranic cooked food option.You can buy these on an item by item basis or we will also offer full Cleanse meal plans. See our reception for further details.

    Replace foods that weigh you down and with High Prana (high Life force foods) that will give you vitality and make you look amazing!!


    1. Detoxify the body.
    2. Lose significant weight rapidly.
    3. Go deeper into your practice than ever before.
    4. Feel cleaner and more alive than you have in years
    5. Sharp, Clear, focused and Calm Mind.
    6. Break addictive eating habits.
    7. Dramatically improve skin tone and complexion.

    No: Alcohol, Refined Sugar, Refined Wheat products

    Yes: High pranice raw and limited cooked foods, Smoothies, and Juices.

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