2018 Highlight

2018 Highlight

As we head into 2018 many of you are setting your resolutions and reviewing your priorities to ensure this is a great year! We at Bikram Yoga Nairobi are here to help you set and achieve your health and wellness goals. This year wouldn’t you like to look and feel better than ever before? Be fit and trim with a great figure, amazing complexion, have lots of energy and a calm, sharp and focused mind and feel vital and rejuvenated as you head into this New Year? The key is in designing and implementing a lifestyle that can deliver the results you want all year long! And the most effective lifestyle choices will combine both activity and nutrition in a complementary way that gives you significant results with the minimum time commitment in a manner you can enjoy and become comfortable with. So if you are ready to come on board we have a plan!

Step 1

┬áStart the year off with the 30 day or 5×4 Challenge.

Step 2

Combine the Challenge with our tailored High Pranic Cleanse.

Both the challenge and cleanse work together to deeply detoxify the body, initiate rapid weight loss, help you go very deep into your practice and ultimately elevate your mind and body to a new level of wellbeing that you are never going to want to give up! At the end of the month you will be looking and feeling great, will have established the good habit of a regular yoga practice and replaced unhealthy and addictive eating patterns with a habit if eating healthy, easy to prepare delicious food. You will be in an ideal place to develop a lifestyle that will allow you to hold on to and even deepen the result you achieved with the Challenge and Cleanse.

Step 3:

 Design and Implement your Yoga Practice plan and Nutrition plan into a lifestyle that you can both enjoy and get the results you want for the rest of 2018!

To support you, Bikram Yoga will be offering delicious and nutritious meals at the studio that conform to the cleanse as well as providing recipes and guidelines to help you make easy and delicious meals at home.

Lose Weight, Get Stronger, Feel Great!!

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