Inspirational stories from our BelovedĀ  Bikram Yogis

Since we opened over 5 years ago we have had more than 6000 thousand people come and try the yoga. So many have used Bikram Yoga as a vehicle to overcome hardships and personal challenges and it is their courage and perseverance we wish to honor. Periodically over the course of the year we will be presenting these “Yoga Journeys” on our social media platforms for the benefit our yoga community. By sharing your stories with us you can serve as inspiration to many others and help them to experience some of the myriad of benefits this yoga has to offer.So please, send us your stories.

Looking to each other to expand our horizons

Over the last 5 years, Bikram Yoga Nairobi has started to build a large and dynamic community made up of so many talented individuals. This yoga attracts a certain kind of person and also serves as a stepping stone for many to become open to experiencing this world in a new and different way. Starting in March we will be introducing regular “Community Nights” events. With the introduction of “Community Nights” it is Bikram Yoga Nairobi’s intention the we benefit from our connections to our fellow yogis and use these connections to further our growth and well being. To begin with we will focus on inviting Wellness Practitioners from a variety of healing modalities to come and talk to our fellow yogis about what they do and how one can benefit from their practices. If your are interested in sharing what you do with your fellow yogis,Email us


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